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SARIS trailers for gardeners

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We offer a wide range of trailers especially for you as a gardener!

Made in the Netherlands
Loading height possible up to 125 cm
Largest load capacity in the market
3-year full warranty
Excellent service

Discover our extensive product range

Being a specialist in trailers for gardeners, we understand your needs like no other. That’s why we offer an extensive range of trailers. Thus, we offer solutions for both intensive and less intensive jobs. Do you work with greenery and garden materials every day? Or do you only need occasional help with green projects? There is a SARIS trailer for every job.

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Hovenier - graafmachine, aanhanger
Bakstenen op aanhanger
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Sturdy trailers

Maximum load capacity and durability at its best!

Our trailers for gardeners are designed with maximum strength in mind. With a load capacity of up to 3.5 tons, they are suitable for even the toughest tasks. This ensures you have the power you need for intensive and professional use. You can rely on your SARIS trailer. Regardless of the size of the job! Are you looking for a trailer for transporting small machines? Then our Machine-Transporters are the perfect choice. Designed specifically to make your job as a gardener easier. Thanks to the solid design and the right dimensions, you will transport your machines safely and efficiently. Whether it’s an excavator or other tools… With our Machine- Transporters, you’ll get to work quickly and without worry..

Graafmachine op aanhanger achter bus
Bakstenen op aanhanger
Trailer for the garden

Flexibility and ease of use for each gardener

With our three-sided and rear tippers, we make unloading materials easier than ever. Do you want to unload bulk materials? The electrical tipping function makes unloading them child’s play. And thanks to the large, flat loading floor and fold-down, removable side walls, loading goods becomes easy too. We understand that working efficiently is very important as a gardener. Our tippers are specifically designed to meet that need. So every job in the garden is done smoothly and quickly. Are you a start-up in the green business? Then our general purpose trailer with leaves rack is an economical and practical choice. This trailer is specially designed to meet the needs of novice gardeners. The leaves rack makes it easy to transport all kinds of materials. From green waste to tools. With this general purpose trailer you start with the right equipment without making a big investment.

The perfect trailer for gardeners

Compose your own ideal trailer

Our goal is for you to do your job as a gardener with the greatest of ease. That is why we offer customized solutions. All our trailers can be expanded with useful accessories. Think of leaves racks, add-on side boards, tarpaulins and ramps. These additions make it possible to fully adapt your trailer to the specific requirements of your work as a gardener. So whether you are transporting green waste, large loads or valuable equipment… Our accessories ensure that you perform your work with ease and precision. Your comfort and productivity are always the main focus here.

Discover our product range
Saris Heavy Duty Kipper
SARIS is at your service

The right trailer for gardeners

Are you a gardener looking for a good trailer? We offer the perfect solution for your profession. All our trailers are designed with your needs in mind. All durable and cleverly designed. We only use high-quality materials and benefit from our many years of experience. We complement this with feedback from professionals, users and dealers. The result? Continuous improvement and innovation. In this way, we will continue to meet your requirements in the future.

Our trailers for gardeners

In our extensive range you will always the right trailer for your work as a gardener. Whether you are looking for a handy trailer for transporting materials or rather tools, we always have a solution. For example, you can choose our Machine-Transporter, tipper, platform trailer or general purpose trailer. There is always a suitable trailer! Do you need a spacious plateau trailer up to 5 meters long, for example for transporting garden equipment? No problem. And for the gardeners that often work with tippers: we offer different rear tippers and three-sided tippers, regardless of the towing weight of your commercial vehicle. And do you prefer a more stylish trailer? Then take a look at our Black Edition. With the elegant black boards, dark loading floor and black rims, these trailers are real eye-catchers in the garden.

A SARIS for the small job

Even if you are looking for a compact, handy trailer, you don’t have to worry. We have a wide selection of (un)braked trailers up to 750 kg. Perfect for small jobs in the garden! One thing is certain. At SARIS you will always find the ideal trailer, regardless of the nature of your work as a gardener. We meet your specific needs and make your work both easier and more efficient.