SARIS, working together for success

At SARIS Aanhangers, we have been constantly striving for better products since our foundation in 1959. Professional trailers that do the work for you and that drive your success. Assembled from quality materials and manufactured for craftsmen, by passionate craftsmen. At SARIS, we are only satisfied if you are!

You can rely on a SARIS!

A SARIS trailer continuously proves itself to be a reliable, professional partner for any skilled worker. It is so reliable, that we have the confidence to offer you a two-year guarantee on any newly purchased trailer.



Whichever SARIS model you choose, the highest quality will be guaranteed. A SARIS trailer is literally unstoppable and will always work for you - we have years of proof!

Every single SARIS trailer is a robust, sophisticated piece of work. We combine the best materials with the trailer knowledge we have amassed over many years and the experience of professionals, users and dealers. We are therefore constantly innovating, working towards even better trailers.

Rich history

At SARIS, a Dutch family business, we have been making trailers of the highest quality since 1959. However, the company's origins can be traced back to Eindhoven in 1913. Curious to know more about our history? Travel through time!

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