The introduction of the King trailer in 2013 was a great success. This friend helped many users on the road. To ensure that in the future you will have a friend who will help you with any job we would like to introduce you to the renewed King and his friends Pearl and Ringo.

The renewed King 750 KG retains its strong cast-iron construction and will be equipped, just like his friends, with a fully integrated V-tow bar. This tow bar cover the whole length of the trailer for extra strength to the loading floor. Since there is great demand for an aluminum version of the King trailer Saris decided to extend the Friends4U series with the Pearl. This aluminum trailer is available on 750 KG non-braked and 1000 KG braked.

The Ringo, the bigger friend 2m55 x 1m33, assures that you can perform the bigger duties in and around your house or the more professional duties. This aluminum trailer will be available on 750 KG non-braked and 1300 KG braked. Comprehensive options and accessory packages are available for all the 5 trailers, as you are accustomed to if it concerns a Saris trailer.

These new trailers are available from the first of July 2015.