Besides trucks, now also trailers!

At Wireco, they do things a little differently than their colleagues in the market. We visited the Wilmsen brothers, Kris and Glenn, at our new Wireco dealer in Beerse, Belgium. They recently started selling SARIS trailers. 

Kris: "Building trailers, working on trucks, we breathe trailers and have been raised with it. When the company where my father worked went bankrupt, he decided to start his own business about 18 years ago. Wireco in its current form has been around for over 13 years. We operate in the large transport segment, but why not also include the small segment, such as trailers? We have a visible location and are very centrally located between Antwerp and Turnhout. There is a lot of traffic passing by. And we have expansion plans; we also own the land next to our building. Why do we choose SARIS Trailers? It can be explained in two words: Strength and Quality." 

Building Brand Awareness with SARIS 

Glenn continues: "We prefer to choose a renowned and good brand that pays attention to their products and customer relationships. With SARIS, we want to make a difference. The first trailers have already been sold! We still need to build brand awareness in the region that you can also come to us for a trailer. But this will grow." 

Kris adds: "We are not newcomers who have to rely on trailer sales for revenue; it's an additional, complementary segment we've entered. The significant advantage is that we have everything in-house to perform maintenance or customize the trailer to the customer's needs." 


Clever guys, the Wilmsen brothers. They also showed us their showpiece, and, of course, let us hear it: a very special self-modified Scania that they take to truck shows. And it not only looks impressive, but with a SARIS trailer on it, it becomes a truly unique combination!