Simple step-by-step plan for coupling the trailer

Because safety is a top priority at SARIS, every trailer meets the high standards and every product is systematically subjected to a comprehensive inspection before it leaves our factory.With the tips from this new series of blog posts, you can ensure that you use and maintain your trailer safely. So you can safely hit the road with your SARIS trailer, day in and day out.

To get on the road carefree with your Saris trailer, it is important to securely connect the trailer to the car. With our step-by-step plan you will be on the road without any problems.

  1. Release the parking brake from the trailer and bring the trailer to the car.
  2. Attach the coupling correctly to the trailer hitch.
  3. Turn the jockey wheel up if it is mounted on your trailer.
  4. Install the auxiliary clutch or breakaway cable.
  5. Connect the power cable.
  6. Check that all doors and flaps are properly closed/locked.
  7. Check that the lighting is working correctly.

By following all these steps you can safely leave with your SARIS trailer. All seven steps are discussed in detail in our previous and next blog posts if you want more information about any of these steps.