Periodic inspection

Because safety is a top priority at SARIS, every trailer meets the right standards and every product is systematically subjected to a comprehensive inspection before it leaves our factory. With the tips from this new series of blog posts, you can ensure that you use the trailer safely and maintain it properly. So you can safely hit the road with your SARIS trailer, day in and day out.

To get on the road carefree with your Saris trailer, it is important to have the trailer inspected by a specialist. You may be familiar with this inspection of the car, but it is not mandatory in the Netherlands for a trailer. For trailers that are driven a lot of kilometers or trailers with a heavy load, it is highly recommended to do so, for example every 10,000 kilometers or annually. This ensures that the trailer is in good condition and meets the legal requirements.

You can go to a SARIS dealer in your area for an inspection of your trailer. In our previous blog posts on our website, we also discuss what you can do yourself to maintain and connect your trailer safely.