Loading a SARIS trailer correctly

Because safety is a top priority at SARIS, every trailer meets the right standards and every product systematically undergoes a comprehensive inspection before it leaves our factory. With the tips from this new series of blog posts, you can ensure that you use the trailer safely and maintain it properly. This way you can safely hit the road with your SARIS trailer, day in and day out.

In order to hit the road with your Saris trailer without any worries, it is important to load the trailer correctly. With this checklist you will hit the road without any problems.

1. The loading capacity

Before you load your trailer, it is important to know how many kilograms you can safely take with you. Each trailer has a maximum gross weight, consisting of its own weight plus the load capacity. You can find the gross weight and own weight on the registration certificate or type plate. To determine the load capacity, you therefore subtract the own weight from the gross weight.

2. Correct load

To transport your belongings as safely as possible, it is important to place the load in the trailer correctly. Make sure the center of gravity is as close to the axle(s) as possible. When the center of gravity is in the right place, the car drives more smoothly, the road holding is optimal and the braking effect is correct.

3. No cargo loss/damage

Nothing is more annoying than losing or damaging the cargo. Therefore, make sure that the load cannot shift or fall over while driving. The load can be secured in various ways, such as lashing straps or in a high or flat vinyl cover. If you do not use any of these options, you are obliged to stretch a net over the load. Which option is best for your cargo depends on what you want to transport.

4. The correct nose weight

Now that you are sure that the load can be transported safely, it is also important that the nose weight is not too high. You can check the nose weight with the help of a special gauge, but also with a scale. If the nose weight is too high, you will have to distribute the load better over the trailer. We recommend a minimum nose weight of 4% with the following maximums:

Total trailer weight -- maximum nose weight
0 - 750 kg - 50 kg
751 - 1,500 kg - 75 kg
1,501 - 3,000 kg - 100 kg
3,001 - 3,500 kg - 150 kg