Our renewed SARIS Van Body

SARIS continues to innovate. In September 2022 we launched the completely renewed version of our Van Body. Below we make an overview of the most important elements that we have updated.

Fixation rail

Our Van Body now contains a new fixation rail that you can recognize from the aviation. This fixation rail, or better known as airlinerail, has already become a household name there. With this new fixation rail you can flexibly choose points to secure your load and you are no longer dependent on the pre-selected points. You can also use more points than before. In addition, this fixation rail is even stronger (up to 900 daN). The renewed fixation rail is integrated into the floor of our new Van Body as standard. Additional binding points can easily be ordered through your SARIS dealer.

Chassis, handles and locks

The chassis is now even stronger than ever. The chassis is fully welded, so even more durable. Furthermore, new handles and closures have been attached that are also even better and stronger. This allows you to enjoy your SARIS construction for even more years.

Renewed construction

Would you like to know more about the Van Body and all the different options and accessories? Then take a look at this information page. Personal advice and would you rather see the trailer in person? Then visit a SARIS dealer near you.