Ready for the road with a saris winter check

This year, we have been lucky enough to enjoy a long summer, but winter is now on our doorstep. Days are getting shorter and colder, and road surfaces can certainly get slippery during the winter. Anyone planning to tow a trailer in the coming months ought to be well-prepared. In this article, we have collected a few tips to help keep you safely on your way, even in wintry conditions.

1. (Winter) tyres

Trailers come in contact with road surface via tyres. That means that maintaining the condition of your tyres is one of the most important ways of guaranteeing the safety of your trailer. It is especially important for you to have sufficient grip in case of slippery road surface conditions. Check your tyres for wear. Are there any tears in the side wall and is there still enough tread depth? Finally, it is important to regularly check and maintain the pressure level of your tyres during the winter. This will help to ensure excellent road holding. 

Tip: do you regularly tow trailers during the winter? Then it may be a good idea to invest in winter tyres for your trailer. Will you be driving in the snow? Then snow chains are recommended. Ask about the options at a SARIS dealer in your area.

2. Check your lighting

Days are short in winter. This increases your chances of having to drive in the dark. That means it is important for your lights to work properly. We recommend always checking the tail lights, brake lights, indicators and number plate lights before hitting the road. Also be sure to store a few spare bulbs in the car. Did a light go out unexpectedly? Then you can easily replace it and be safely on your way again. 

3. Keep your trailer clean

Keeping your trailer in good condition means it is important to clean it regularly. In winter, roads are treated with a (preventive) layer of road salt to keep the driving surface safe. This road salt can affect the zinc used in your trailer. Although salty water has no negative effects on the protective layer of the zinc, unsightly black or white spots can form. This can be easily prevented by periodically rinsing your car with water.

4. Adjust your driving style to the conditions

Is it foggy? Raining, sleeting, snowing or freezing? Then adjust the way you drive. Accelerate slowly and do not make any abrupt steering movements. In addition, always maintain a safe distance and drive at a speed that suits the conditions. This will help you prevent any dangerous situations for yourself and your fellow road users.

Keep your trailer in check this winter

You can get a winter check for your trailer yourself, or you can also go to a SARIS dealer in your area. They can check your trailer on the points mentioned above as well as inspect your trailer for other critical functions. This will help you prevent any risks and keep you stay safe and sound on the road.

Any questions about this article? Feel free to contact us without obligation.