SARIS introduces new transporters!

The SARIS transporter series is reinforced. Two brand-new models – the SARIS Magnum Car and SARIS Magnum Sport – make their appearance in the world of vehicle transportation in October.

Extremely strong and user-friendly

The SARIS engineers have worked on these two new trailers over the past year. The strong chassis of the existing Transporter models was used as the starting point upon which to build. Based on practical experience, this series is extremely strong and has been supplemented with two new, very user-friendly trailers. The SARIS Magnum Sport and the SARIS Magnum Car.

For intensive usage

The Transporter series trailers are often used intensively. They are used by professional salvage companies, car companies, but also, for example, for transporting ground working equipment and aerial platforms. Do you use a Transporter on a regular basis? Then you need a trailer of extremely good quality that is also very easy to use. 

Load floor lowered to the maximum

The most important product feature of the Magnum series is the load floor, which is lowered to the maximum. In the new model, this is as low as technically possible without concessions being made in other areas. In addition, the load floor of the Magnum Car is equipped with concealed ramps that you can easily slide in and out. Preparing the trailer before you can drive a vehicle on or off takes just a few seconds. 

Step-on mud guards with anti-slip profile

A lot of thought has gone into making loading and unloading of vehicles and/or other cargo very easy, as well ease of getting on and off the trailer for the operator. The mud guards have been made to be stepped on and provided with an anti-slip profile. The mud guards now act as a step, which makes it easy to step on and off the trailer.

The Magnum Car step-on mud guard.

The Magnum Sport step-on mud guard.

Ultra-strong, but narrower and easier to drive in traffic

Within the series, the SARIS Magnum Sport is mainly distinguished by the narrow load floor. The dimensions of this trailer are ideal for narrower vehicles, such as a scissor lift. Because the Magnum Sport is narrower than other trailers, it is easier to drive in traffic. This is a great advantage, especially considering you can transport vehicles up to 2196 kg with this trailer.

Assemble your trailer online, or visit a SARIS dealer

Would you like to know more about the specifications of these two brand new transporter models? Take a look at the series page or get started assembling your own model. Would you prefer to experience the unique aspects of the Magnum Car and Magnum Sport in the flesh? Pay a visit to a SARIS dealer in your area.