Indestructible SARIS Trailer half a century member of the family!

Marcel sent us an email in which he enthusiastically and proudly announced that his family has owned a SARIS G3 trailer since 1972. For over 50 years! We wanted to know more about that, so we visited Marcel and his father Jan near Eindhoven. We were told a great family story, in which this SARIS trailer played a leading role.

How it started 

It is 1972. An uncle of Marcel, brother-in-law of Jan, purchased a SARIS luggage trailer from 1964. Initially mainly intended as a holiday trailer. The family went to Trier and provided with the trailer title deed, the family had a great holiday. Because the uncle was a carpenter by trade, the trailer also served as a tool trolley. In the early 1980s, the trailer was transferred to another brother-in-law. He used the trailer for 4 years until he moved to America. 

Not to be broken 

The trailer went to Jan around 1985, as the 3rd owner in the family. He knew that! Jan says: “I used the trailer very regularly and once even used it to get concrete from the concrete plant in Veghel. Well, then you see the trailer go down and I checked with my hand under the mudguard if there was still room for the tires *. Then I accidentally ended up on a closed back road. That was panic because I had to turn around with a car and a much too heavily loaded trailer! Through antics on the verge that went just fine, both the car and the trailer came out of this predicament in one piece!” 

Countless miles 

Marcel continues: “In 2000 I bought a house. Countless times my father drove back and forth to the recycling center for household and garden waste. We also went on holiday to Austria and Luxembourg a few times, then the handy trailer turned into a holiday luggage trailer again. The trailer also comes in handy during my current renovation, it is unbelievable!" 

Minimal maintenance 

Jan: “In terms of maintenance, we didn't do much to it, just a few new tires and a new floor once. Because the legal requirements changed, the electrical installation has been slightly modified, we have installed a rear fog light and made a change to the towbar / plug connection. We've taken countless rides full of debris to the landfill and never had a breakdown. The trailer will stay here for now!” 

Marcel continues: “It might make a difference that the trailer has always slept inside. I am now building a carport and our trailer will also have a special place there. This SARIS trailer is worth it!” 

*We strongly advise against this! Always check the maximum load capacity for safe use of your trailer.