Safe storage of your trailer

Because safety is a top priority at SARIS, every trailer meets the highest standards and every product is systematically subjected to a comprehensive inspection before it leaves our factory. With the tips from this new series of blog posts, you can ensure that you use the trailer safely and maintain it properly. So you can safely hit the road with your SARIS trailer, day in and day out.

To get on the road carefree with your Saris trailer, it is important to store the trailer safely after use, so that nothing can be damaged and the trailer can also be used safely on a next trip.

If you do not want to use the trailer for a longer period of time, we recommend jacking up the trailer or placing it vertically. As a result, the tires, bearings and suspension will wear less quickly. It is also important to rotate the tires once every three months to prevent the lubrication film from disappearing. The lubrication is then evenly distributed over the bearings. It is also important to secure the trailer to the drawbar to prevent it from falling over when placed vertically.

By taking these measures, you can safely leave with your SARIS trailer when you need it again. Our other blog posts also discuss other matters such as maintenance and linking. View all blog posts on our website to be fully prepared for the road.