Numerous Syrup Waffles baked in a SARIS Trailer

SARIS Aanhangers' versatile trailers have long been recognized for their multifunctionality. Yet, a delightful surprise lies in the fact that they are also being utilized for the production of delectable syrup waffles. Keen to unveil this unique endeavor, we embarked on a journey to hear the tale of entrepreneurs Ron and Yvonne from Chevinique. 

The Pursuit 

Ron reflects, "I had spent many years in the banking sector, but in 2015, a corporate restructuring jeopardized my position. This prompted me to ponder my true calling and, most importantly, my passions. After a brief contemplation, I arrived at a resounding answer: the art of syrup waffle baking! The aroma, the ambiance of markets, fairs, festivals, schools, the sheer joy of delighting people, and the places it would take me—it all seemed incredibly appealing." 

From Motorcycles to Syrup Waffles 

"Thus began my quest to acquire a second-hand trailer, a quest that bore fruit rather swiftly. An amusing detail is that this SARIS trailer had previously served as a motorcycle transporter. However, its former owner sought to divest it, having transformed it into a mobile bar for a swifter sale—perfect for my purpose! The acquisition was swift, and following the installation of electrical amenities, a fully equipped kitchen, and a refrigerator, I was ready to hit the road. Naturally, I also completed a comprehensive course in syrup waffle crafting with the renowned traditional specialist Markus & Markus in Waddinxveen, celebrated as the nation's premier syrup waffle artisan." 

Weekend Ventures 

"I maintained my four-day-a-week job while allocating weekends for our trailer-based syrup waffle enterprise," Ron continues. Yvonne, who oversees marketing and communications, chimes in, "And, of course, we had to conceive a name and develop a corporate identity, a task masterfully undertaken by our creative daughter. Chevinique is an amalgamation of our children's names' final syllables—a rather elegant moniker, wouldn't you agree? Recently, we added a striking sign to the trailer's underside, progressively enhancing its professional allure." 

Indoor Sanctuary 

Ron adds, "My aspirations have been splendidly fulfilled. This venture is immensely enjoyable, and our trailer keeps everything neatly organized. It has enabled us to explore destinations we might not have otherwise visited—places such as the Cologne Messe, the Flachsmarkt in Germany, and the Chassétheater in Breda. The syrup waffle, a cherished traditional delicacy, emanates an irresistible fragrance during preparation, often sparking impulse purchases. For the elderly, this delightful aroma frequently evokes cherished childhood memories. It's a genuine passion, one that also proves financially rewarding. It seamlessly melds the worlds of an office job and a mobile trailer-based operation. Incidentally, the enclosed trailer has always enjoyed indoor accommodations, a practice I uphold with utmost care." 

Robust Resilience 

"In a memorable incident during last year's market in Hapert, an unexpected collision occurred with our sales hatch. We were understandably shaken, fearing substantial damage to the entire structure. To our amazement, however, there was not a single scratch; the trailer had shifted ever so slightly as a whole. Now, that's a testament to quality! We take our trailer on the road approximately 20 times a year, predominantly during the summer months and the festive Christmas season. We have produced thousands of syrup waffles to date, with hopes of many more years of service from our dependable SARIS Trailer."