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Your Transporter comes standard with these options

Safety ramps integrated (2800 kg/set)
3-sided folding railing
Lowered loading floor
Full welded frame (Sleeve profile)
More than 200 robot weldings
Mega stiff and torsion-free chassis
Full bath galvanized chassis
Super heavy nosewheel
Anti-noise hooks 800 daN
Mesh hooks on hinge
Width and contour lights in LED


Length 406 cm
Width 204 cm
Weight 2700 kg
Loading capacity 2142 kg
Own Weight 558 kg
Total length 561 cm
Total width 236 cm
Side heigth 11 cm
Loading floor height 66 cm
Tyre size 195/50R13C
Braked/Non-braked Braked
Axle Double
V-towbar yes
Degree of tipping Optional tipping

Options and accessories

Extend your Transporter to personal preference


Black Edition (black floor, black wheels)
Tipping: Hydraulic with short Safety ramps
Tipping: Hydraulic with ramp (1,3 m - 2800 kg)
Sides 35 cm (in combination with a ramp)
Sides 35 cm Black Edition (in combination with a ramp)
Sides 35 cm
Sides 35 cm Black Edition
Shock absorbers
Steel plate on floor
Spare wheel incl. clamp
Spare wheel Black Edition incl. clamp
Fully LED-lighting


Trailer net (large meshes)
Leaves rack 60 cm, opening 4 sides
Leaves rack 90 cm, opening 4 sides
Leaves rack net (small meshes)
30 cm set-up sides with pk-fasteners
30 cm set-up sides Black Edition with pk-fasteners
Security lock


With 1750kg total weight
With 2000kg total weight
With 2500kg total weight

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