Default with

Your Platform trailer comes standard with these options

Hinged front board
30 cm aluminium sides
Automatic jockeywheel

Options and accessories

Extend your Platform trailer to personal preference


Extra price sides 50cm
Additional price PK Fasteners
Additional price prepared for ramps
Additional price ramps integrated (1350 kg/piece)
Additional price winch (mounted)
Additional price wheel 185/60R12C (lowered loading floor height)
Propstands (set)
Shockabsorber set double axle fixed
Steel plate on floor


Top price
High frontrack
Flat vinyl cover (light grey)
High vinyl cover (160 cm, light grey)
Color options awning deck
Leavesrack (60 cm)
Net (small meshes)
Trailer net (large meshes)
Set-up sides (30 cm)
Spare wheel 175/70R13 and support
Security lock


With 1750kg total weight
With 1500kg total weight
With 1350kg total weight