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Your Classic Wood comes standard with these options

Fixation hooks V-groove 400 daN
Self-locking closures
UV-resistant 15 mm wooden body
Detachable tailboard
Rope hooks on the front and sides
Floor fully reinforced
Waterproof anti-slip fl oor made of Finnish birch wood
Hot galvanized components
Jockey wheel
13 pin trailer plug


Length 205 cm
Width 133 cm
Weight 1350 kg
Loading capacity 1105 kg
Own Weight 245 kg
Total length 325 cm
Total width 187 cm
Side heigth 45 cm
Loading floor height 52 cm
Tyre size 14
Braked/Non-braked Braked
Axle Single
V-towbar No

Options and accessories

Extend your Classic Wood to personal preference


Shock absorber € 156.09 incl. VAT


High frontrack € 84.70 incl. VAT
Flat vinyl cover (light grey) € 176.66 incl. VAT
High vinyl cover (120 cm, light grey) € 408.98 incl. VAT
High vinyl Oliver (120 cm) € 451.33 incl. VAT
Leavesrack (50 cm) € 510.62 incl. VAT
Net (small meshes) € 156.09 incl. VAT
Net (large meshes) € 42.35 incl. VAT
Lashing straps (2 pieces) with hooks € 42.35 incl. VAT
Entry rail (steel 250 kg, 15 cm wide) € 91.96 incl. VAT
Spare wheel and support 185R14C8 € 192.39 incl. VAT
Propstands (set) € 71.39 incl. VAT
Security lock € 42.35 incl. VAT


With 1300kg total weight € 0.- incl. VAT
With 1200kg total weight € 0.- incl. VAT
With 1000kg total weight € 0.- incl. VAT

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