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A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit a website. When you visit the website again in future, this data is retrieved by the website. Cookies enable us to automatically recognise you whenever you visit our site, so that we can personalise your experience and offer you a better service. We also use cookies (and similar browser information, such as Flash cookies) for fraud prevention and other purposes.

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What cookies do we use?

First and third-party cookies:

Our website places what are known as first and third-party cookies. First-party cookies are cookies that are placed by us. Third-party cookies are cookies placed by our partners. Third-party cookies ensure that website visitors can view and use third-party content (such as a video). Third-party cookies do not recognise you personally, but recognise your computer if you visit our website and sometimes also those of our partners. The same cookies can help us gather information concerning the use of our website.

Session and permanent cookies:

Our website also uses session cookies. These cookies are placed if you visit our website and they are removed when you close the browser. We also use permanent cookies in addition to temporary cookies. These cookies are stored in your browser and are activated when you visit our website again. Permanent cookies disappear when you remove them manually and or if the term of the cookie is exceeded. These cookies help us store your preferences and ensure that pages are loaded faster.

Essential cookies:

These cookies help you navigate our website and the use of all essential functions. Our website would not function properly without these cookies and you would not be able to use all important functions. Essential cookies are required to use the fundamental functions such as our payment page. These cookies are essential because without them you do not have access to the most important website functions.

Performance and functionality cookies:

These cookies ensure that functions such as maps and videos can be shown. They also store your settings on our website such as a trailer that was configured previously or a search. They are important that they help us improve the performance and functions of our website and because we want the time you have spent on our website to be both useful and interactive.

Analytics and customisation cookies:

We use analytics and customisation cookies to gather information about how our visitors use the website and in order to measure the success of our marketing campaigns. We use the data received in order to personalise the website for you and to make the content as relevant as possible. The tools we use for this purpose are Google Analytics and Hotjar.

Advertising cookies:

Advertising cookies are used to ensure that we only show you advertisements and messages we consider are of interest to you. This can be based on your interests or previous advertisements you have seen. They also help us ensure that you do not always see the same message and to ensure that the advertisement is shown as it should be. The advertisement networks we deploy are Facebook, Adcrowd and Google AdWords.

Social networking cookies:

As already implied by the name, social networking cookies allow our users to share our content via third-party social networking websites. This type of cookie is usually placed by the social networking provider itself.

We use the following services for marketing purposes, which you can deactivate by placing an opt-out cookie or by following a link:

Name script / cookie / beacon

Purpose script / cookie / beacon


These cookies are placed by Google. They show tailored advertisements on Google websites on the basis of your recent searches and previous transactions.


This cookie is used to link your activity on different devices if you previously signed into your Google account on a different device. We do so to coordinate the advertisement that are shown to you on different devices and to measure conversion events.

OGPC, _ga, (

These cookies are placed by Google. These cookies measure your use of and behaviour on our website, which allows us to optimise the website further.


This cookie stores your preferences and information when you visit pages in which Google Maps and YouTube have been integrated. The cookies that make it clear which media deployed by Google Adwords are effective.


This cookie protects your user data against unauthorised access.


These cookies collect data for Google Analytics in order to create an anonymous user profile and to measure whether advertisements are effective.


This cookie is used for retargeting and optimisation of online advertisements.


This cookie registers and reports your actions as a user after you have seen or clicked on an advertisement for the purpose of measuring efficiency.

_ncuid (

These cookies store user statuses for multiple page requests. It improves the performance and security of the website.

Act, c_user, datr, dpr, fr, presence, sb, wd, xs (


This cookie creates a user profile concerning you as user in order to show relevant advertisements on Facebook. The cookies that make it clear which media deployed by Facebook are effective. These cookies mean that you are shown advertisements on websites you visit that match your preference after you have visited the websites (interest-based targeting).