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Your Magnum Explorer 3500 comes standard with these options

Automatic folding jockeywheel
Fixation hooks 1000 daN
Fixation hooks (10x 750 daN)
30 cm steel sides
Hot galvanized components
Rampes (2x 1500kg)
Floor fully reinforced by tow bar
Floor height 38cm


Length 306 cm
Width 168 cm
Weight 3500 kg
Loading capacity 2835 kg
Own Weight 635 kg
Total length 482 cm
Total width 225 cm
Side heigth 30 cm
Height with lid n.v.t.
Loading floor height 38 cm
Tyre size 13 "
Braked/Non-braked Braked
Axle Double
V-towbar Yes
Degree of tipping Non-tipping

Options and accessories

Extend your Magnum Explorer 3500 to personal preference


4 step up plates, floor with alu € 521.51 incl. VAT
Addintional cost adjustable towbar DIN € 2,485.34 incl. VAT
Steel grid (1350kg) € 672.76 incl. VAT
Bucket rest € 212.96 incl. VAT
Body painted € 822.80 incl. VAT
Black Edition (black wheels, black sides) € 877.25 incl. VAT
Shock asbsorber € 312.18 incl. VAT


Plug in tailboard € 249.26 incl. VAT
Spare wheel and support € 221.43 incl. VAT
Security lock € 42.35 incl. VAT


With 2700kg total weight € 0.- incl. VAT
With 3000kg total weight € 0.- incl. VAT

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