At SARIS we go beyond the promise of quality; we prove it by extensively testing each trailer according to a predetermined protocol. SARIS stands for craftsmanship, expertise and sustainability. Find out how we're committed to meeting the highest standards and delivering trailers that exceed your expectations. Whether you are a gardener who strives for robustness or a contractor who demands reliability, at SARIS we understand that every professional has unique requirements. That's why we carefully test each trailer so you can choose from our diverse range with confidence, knowing that each model meets the specific needs of you as an end user.

Only if the thorough tests are successfully completed will SARIS start production of a new trailer. Quality comes first at every stage of our process.


SARIS simulatie

The first step in our development process is to create a 3D model of the trailer we have in mind. We take into account the wishes of our end users such as you. With this 3D model we can simulate certain situations and calculate whether the trailer will pass these situations well. Only when the 3D model has been fully approved will we continue with this trailer.


SARIS prototype

Once we are completely satisfied with the 3D model, we will build a prototype. In addition to the simulations, we can also test real situations. The trailer is also used by our engineers and builders. Their use will improve user points. As a result, they will ensure that the trailers are also practical to use.

Test track

SARIS testbaan

When the prototype meets our high requirements, we take the final prototype to the test track. On this track the trailer is extensively tested in realistic situations in which our users, such as you, use the trailer. This includes different types of road surfaces, many bumps in succession, sloping roads, etc. On this track, the lifespan of the trailer is tested at an accelerated pace and we will strictly assess whether all components remain in good condition. At SARIS we test on one of the best test tracks in Europe at Ford in Lommel.

The trailer is also equipped with all kinds of measuring equipment on the test track. The results of the test track are compared with the standards set for this purpose. If the results remain well within the standards, we can continue with production.


Your SARIS trailer will only be put into production after the above-mentioned phases. So you can be assured that you are purchasing a quality product. We now have many models for many purposes, so there is always a SARIS trailer that is suitable for you. For example, we have the King, McAlu and Classic Wood for private individuals and semi-professionals. For the professionals we have the Tipper, Transporter and Platform. If you, as a professional, transport heavy objects, we have developed Heavy Duty models for that purpose. There is also a Van Body for specific purposes.

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We have also made a video about our test procedure. You can find these on our YouTube Channel.

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