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Your Friends4U comes standard with these options

Sustainable anti-slip floor
Lashing rings V-groove
Double sided aluminium body
Reinforced floor
30cm sides
Removable back pannel


Length: 206 cm
Width: 114 cm
Weight: 508
Loading capacity: 819 kg
Own Weight: 181 kg
Total length : 336 cm
Total width : 159 cm
Side heigth: 32 cm
Loading floor height: 50 cm
Tyre size: 13 "
Braked/Non-braked: 505
Single/Double axle: 549
V-towbar: Yes
Degree of tipping: 503
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Options and accessories

Extend your Friends4U to personal preference


Shockabsorber per axle


Flat awning (Green)
Flat awning (grey)
Awning and frame (120 cm, green)
Awning and frame (120 cm, grey) Pearl
Net (large meshes)
Leavesrack (50 cm)
Set-up sides (32 cm)
Lashing straps (2 pieces) with hooks
Entry rail (steel 250 kg, 15 cm wide)
Spare wheel and support
Propstands (set)
Security lock


With 750kg total weight

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