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SARIS 65 years

Frans van Son

SARIS Aanhangers celebrates its 65th anniversary this year. We look back on a rich history of growth and beautiful products. But what truly makes our company special? It’s our loyal employees who work at SARIS every day with dedication and commitment.


which are much appreciated!

In the coming months, one of our valued team members will be featured each month in a series of inspiring stories. Discover the people behind SARIS and learn more about their unique individual contributions to our success story!

A Journey at SARIS: My Story

“For 20 years, I have had the privilege of being part of the team at SARIS, a journey that began in August 2003. My name is Frans van Son, and I have been permanently employed here since January 1, 2004. After my LTS training, I found my first job at TNO, where I conducted seismic soil research for two years, a fascinating start to my career.”

A Journey through Various Branches of Construction

“My journey took me through various sectors of the construction industry. I started as a hose carrier at TNO, moved up to the refraction research team, and after a stint in road construction, I finally ended up at SARIS. There, I began on the production line of box trucks before being asked to work on horse trailers, a fascinating but challenging task. As SARIS shifted its focus to regular trailers, I returned to the box truck line, where I dealt with accessories and preparatory work.”

“Humor is the key to a healthy working environment, where we challenge and support each other, both professionally and personally.”
Frans van Son
Assembly Employee

Seniority and Efficiency

“My journey at SARIS led me to new challenges, including working with LEAN methods and setting up new production lines. I became a senior employee, bridging the gap between management and the production line. With dedication, we have increased our efficiency, from implementing takt times to striving for continuous improvement.”

The Right Balance between Work and Private Life

“Life at SARIS is not just about work; it’s also about support and understanding. When personal circumstances required it, SARIS offered flexibility and support, which only increased my appreciation for this company. I am grateful for the openness and support I have received here, and I realize that this is not always the case everywhere.”

A Passion Outside the Workshop

“Besides my work, I have always pursued my passions. As a young ‘menneke’, I was seen as a running talent and participated in many competitions. As an experienced runner, I have achieved various accomplishments, from obtaining my rehabilitation trainer diploma to climbing Mont Ventoux for charity. I am proud of the title of Amateur Athlete of the Year 2017 in Son & Breugel. Although my focus on running has diminished, it remains a part of who I am.”

Daily Rhythm of Humor and Collaboration

“My days start early, with a drive from Kaatsheuvel to Hapert. But at SARIS, the day really begins with a cup of coffee and a dose of humor with my colleagues in ‘De Schakel’, our company canteen. On Mondays, it’s all about football, but our conversations can just as easily be about politics or the world around us. Humor is the key to a healthy working environment, where we challenge and support each other, both professionally and personally.”

A Life Wisdom

“When I look back on my time at SARIS, I think of the wisdom I have gained: ‘Life is like a nose, you have to get out what’s in it!’ With this life attitude and the support of my colleagues, I look forward to the next chapters of my journey at SARIS Trailers!”