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“The same trailer is running practically every week.”

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Nothing and no one can convince you of our quality better than the people who use our products daily. Today we tell Mika’s story!

“The same trailer is running practically every week.”

Mika sent us a message telling us about his SARIS trailer. Mika started his own company just a few years ago. His company is active in maintenance work, processing firewood, recycling and transport. The company grew enormously and Mika decided to purchase his first SARIS trailer: a SARIS PMC 1720. He now uses his SARIS PMC 1720 professionally every day and is very satisfied with it.

Many kilometers with large loads

Since 2020, Mika has already transported many things with it. He often transports (EURO) pallets, garden waste, metal, sand and gravel. He even managed to get 90(!) pallets of different sizes onto his SARIS.*

Mika’s customers and products are spread all over Finland causing that the trailer has already driven quite a few kilometers. His towing car already has 500,000 km on the odometer.

*Make sure the trailer is not overloaded. Look at the trailer’s type plate or papers to see how many kilos you can transport with it. SARIS is not liable for damage caused by careless use.

“... thanks to the growing number of customers and larger loads, SARIS was a great purchase!”
Mika Laitinen – SARIS customer

One SARIS trailer is not enough

Almost two years ago, Mika decided to expand his company with an additional SARIS trailer. This time he chose a Tipper. This allows him to transport an even wider range of products, such as cars, ATVs and other work equipment. When Mika announced that his company had a new type of SARIS trailer, new orders came in quickly.

We are proud to see such stories passing by. In any case, we wish Mika many safe kilometers and a lot of work.