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Trailers for the construction industry

SARIS for the contractor

A SARIS trailer is the best choice for each building contractor. Reliable and safe for each project.

3-year full warranty
Excellent service
Made in the Netherlands
Loading height possible up to 125 cm
Largest load capacity
Heavy duty tippers

A strong, reliable trailer for the construction industry

Trailers for construction work must meet the highest requirements. They must be sturdy, reliable and durable. With a SARIS trailer you rely on precision and power when transporting heavy building materials and tools. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures we are the best choice for all your construction projects. View our extensive range now and discover why our trailers are indispensable for all contractors who strive for success.

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SARIS for the contractor

Reliability for construction projects

Our three-sided and rear tippers are the perfect choice for contractors. Thanks to the electrical tipping function, you can easily unload construction materials . And the spacious loading floor and fold-down side walls also make loading a piece of cake. Efficiency is crucial for you as a contractor. We understand this like no one else. That is why our trailers are specifically designed to meet the specific needs in construction. This way you complete your construction project more easily and efficiently than ever. You can count on it.

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Trailers for the construction industry

Transportation of materials from A to Z

Our platform trailers are also an indispensable addition for contractors. With plenty of cargo space and durability, they are perfect for any construction project, regardless of size. Whether it concerns the transport of construction materials, machines or tools: our trailers offer versatility and reliability for the construction sector. Thanks to the sturdy construction and smooth handling, you will work a lot more efficiently, even in challenging conditions. With a SARIS trailer by your side, you can focus on what you do best: deliver high-quality construction work.

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SARIS for contractors

Always the right trailer for construction projects

You need to navigate your construction projects effortlessly? Our Machine-Transporters enable this. These sturdy trailers offer a lot of loading space as well as reliability. Regardless of the size of your cargo. From heavy machinery to tools: our Machine-Transporters adapt to your specific needs. The solid construction and smooth steering ensure efficiency in the broadest sense of the word. With a SARIS trailer you are prepared for any challenge in the construction sector!

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Trailers for contractors

Find the right trailer for construction projects

As a building contractor, you can blindly rely on our trailers. For example, you can choose a plateau trailer, tipper or machine transporter. A suitable model is always available. Only the best tools are good enough in construction. That is why our trailers are designed for the toughest work. With a load capacity of up to 3.5 tons, we both have all the power you need for your construction projects.

A SARIS trailer for the construction industry

Discover our extensive product range, specifically tailored to professionals like you. We understand your passion for excellence in building projects, and are ready to support you. Find the perfect trailer for your project in our product range!