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Installing a high cover on your trailer, what are the steps?

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For dry transportation of your cargo, it is useful to install a high cover on your trailer. The assembly can be a little complicated at times. But don’t worry. By following these steps it will be a piece of cake. Read on quickly.

Installing a high cover on a trailer? This is what you need

To install a high cover on your trailer, there are a few things you need. First of all, it is convenient to do it with two people. Next, there are a few things you need to assemble everything. All the things that are supplied by SARIS, as well as a flathead screwdriver and a size 13 socket wrench.

Installing a high cover on a trailer step by step

To install a high cover on your trailer, start by removing the plastic caps from the corner stanchions with a flathead screwdriver. Do this carefully to avoid damaging the aluminum. Next, insert the uprights into the corner stanchions, making sure the notches for the crossbars are pointing up. Next, screw the uprights securely to the trailer. Then, place the roof arches in the uprights. These do not need to be screwed down. The next step: place the crossbars the top of the roof arches. Since a pin falls precisely into the crossbars, these do not need to be screwed down either. Then, place mount the wooden boards on the sides. It is best to start at the low side. You can easily slide the boards into the frame.

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“Installing a high cover on your trailer is quick and easy with the right instructions!”
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Continue with the vinyl cover

Once the frame is completed, continue with the tarpaulin. It is best to roll it out on top of the frame. Inside the tarpaulin there is a sticker. This sticker indicates the direction in which to unroll the tarpaulin. After unrolling it, place it neatly over the frame, by pulling the corners exactly over the frame and rolling the sides down. This is a crucial step in making a high tarpaulin cover on your trailer!

Installing a high cover on your trailer: fitting the rubber band

Once the tarpaulin sits neatly over the frame, it’s time to attach the rubber band. Start at the back ring of the long side. The rubber band should go through it – from outside to inside – a few inches. Next, tie a knot in the rubber band. Do this on the inside of the sail. After this, zigzag the long side of the rubber band through the holes of the tarpaulin until you get around. Did you attach it all around? Then it’s time to attach the clips to the rubber band. The round side goes around the rubber band. The angled side attaches to the bottom of the boards. After the rubber band is tight, continue with the cord on the back. You thread this from top to bottom through the holders. Then you attach the clip to the bottom of the trailer.

Need help installing a high cover on your trailer?

With the high cover fully installed, you can start using it. That way you will enjoy your trailer even more. Did you know we also created a video showing the whole process? Watch it here. Many of our trailers can be fitted with a high cover. Check out all our models to make the best choice or visit your local dealer for personal advice. Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us.