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Holiday trailers

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Looking for a trailer for your holiday? We offer an extensive range of practical trailers for carefree luggage transportation.

3-year full warranty
Excellent service
Made in the Netherlands
Up to 1695 liter of additionale luggage space
Space for up to 3 electrical bikes
SARIS for vacationers

A trailer for hobby or holiday trips

For you, the adventurous vacationist or enthusiastic hobbyist, we’d like to present our trailers. Ideal for your holiday luggage, fishing equipment, kite surfing gear and more. Because on a trip or holiday you want to go with a SARIS trailer. Discover our smart solutions to transport your extra luggage!

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Box trailers for every adventurer

We offer various models for all vacationing and hobbyists. For any outing. Explore our vacation trailers and find the perfect companion for your adventures or easy transport of your camping gear. One thing is certain. With a trailer from SARIS you will have a carefree start to every journey.!

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Trailer for your holiday

Whether you are a vacationer or hobbyist, we offer the perfect trailer for any vacation or trip. Explore our versatile models like the King, Classic Wood or McAlu Comfort. You’ll be sure of easy transportation for all your vacation and hobby supplies. Wherever you go, our trailers are ready for you. Going on a vacation? Then it’s very convenient if you can transport everything safely. In our luggage trailer everything stays dry and safe behind lock and key. This is exactly what you are looking for.

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SARIS trailer for your holidays

Find the right holiday trailer

When you take your trailer on a vacation, you often travel hundreds to thousands of miles. At SARIS, safety comes first. All of our trailers are designed with safety in mind. In our factory as well as on the road. That’s because it’s essential to keep your box trailer, tipper, box trailer or other model safe as soon as it leaves the factory. For personal use or a short vacation, a small trailer is often more than enough. You’ll find more than enough of them in our extensive range. Available in wood (Classic Wood), steel (King) and aluminum (McAlu). Do you want to transport your stuff dry? Then expand your trailer with a high cover or choose one of our box trailers in different heights. If you want to use your box trailer for multiple purposes, we also have larger trailers that meet specific requirements.

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Do you want to buy a holiday trailer? Or are you searching for personal advice?Feel free to contact us or pay a visit to one of our dealers. There is always one near you.