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McAlu Comfort luggage trailer

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With its well thought-out design and practical lid, our McAlu Comfort is the perfect luggage trailer that meets all your needs. Rock-solid thanks to its integral construction, where the axles and boards form a single unit. With great usability thanks to the interior space of 50 cm! This luggage trailer is perfect for everyone who needs extra luggage space – up to 1695 liters! Whether you need it for private or professional use: this enclosed trailer is always ready for you.

  • Excellent service
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 3 year full warranty
Bagagewagen | SARIS Bagagewagen | SARIS McAlu Comfort McAlu Comfort Bagagewagen | SARIS Bagagewagen | SARIS McAlu Comfort McAlu Comfort
Min 205 cm – Max 255 cm
Min 113 cm – Max 133 cm
50 cm
Group 5976
Extra luggage room
Min 1150 liter – Max 1695 liter
Min 1350 kg – Max 3500 kg
McAlu Comfort

The luggage trailer from Saris!

Our McAlu Comfort luggage trailer is made of aluminum, extremely strong and ready for any job. Thanks to the aluminum lid with durable GRP panel, you can transport all your important stuff dry and dust-free. The luggage trailer is available in three different sizes: from 205 x 113 cm to 255 x 133 cm, adding up to 1695 liters of extra luggage space to your car. All models are available both braked and unbraked, with weight classes up to 1350 kg. The lid can be equipped with black all-purpose load carriers, which carry up to 75 kg of load – ideal for taking the bikes on vacation!

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Bagagewagen | SARIS
Bagagewagen | SARIS
Bagagewagen | SARIS
Discover our McAlu Comfort luggage trailer

Our aluminum trailer with lid

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Why you should choose trailer from Saris:


When you choose SARIS, you choose a modular trailer. All parts and wear parts are therefore easy to replace.

The best quality

All our luggage trailers are made of the best quality. We fully support this. And that's why we offer 3 years full warranty on all our models!

Strict standards

All trailers are produced to strict, quality-oriented standards in accordance with ISO-9001, and they also come with all necessary European approvals.

Perfect balance

By using smart constructions and lightweight materials we can offer you the best value for money. That is our vision.
McAlu Comfort bagagewagen | SARIS
McAlu Comfort bagagewagen | SARIS
McAlu Comfort bagagewagen | SARIS
Model Usable length Usable width Usable height Tare weight Total weight
MC 205 113 750 1 205 cm 113 cm 50 cm 185 kg 750 kg
MC 205 113 1000 1 205 cm 113 cm 50 cm 230 kg 1000 kg
MC 205 133 750 1 205 cm 133 cm 50 cm 198 kg 750 kg
MC 205 133 1350 1 205 cm 133 cm 50 cm 254 kg 1350 kg
MC 255 133 750 1 255 cm 133 cm 50 cm 220 kg 750 kg
MC 255 133 1350 1 255 cm 133 cm 50 cm 277 kg 1350 kg

Discover the accessories that complete your McAlu Comfort luggage trailer!

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McAlu Comfort

Roof bar for the lid

McAlu Comfort

Shock absorbers when braked
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More information about this luggage trailer?

We have listed all the information about the McAlu Comfort luggage trailer for you in a handy brochure, download it now.

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McAlu Comfort bagagewagen | SARIS