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Classic Wood

Works for you

We are proud to introduce you to our Classic Wood, the trailer where proven quality has been reinvented. This wooden trailer is a true classic that has proven itself over many years. The ironclad welded Classic Wood is the ideal trailer for both everyday chores and specific transportation needs.This trailer is always ready for you!

  • Excellent service
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 3 year full warranty
Classic Wood aanhanger | SARIS Classic wood aanhanger kiepend Classic wood aanhanger rechterkant Classic Wood aanhanger | SARIS Classic wood aanhanger kiepend Classic wood aanhanger rechterkant
Min 205 cm – Max 255 cm
Min 113 cm – Max 133 cm
Sides 30 cm, 43 cm including railing
Min 750 kg – Max 1350 kg
Classic Wood

Your wooden companion

Our Classic Wood is the ideal wooden trailer – ready for any job. Thanks to the different variants, there is always a Classic Wood that fits your needs. This trailer is available in three different sizes, from a compact 205 cm x 113 cm to a versatile 255 cm x 133 cm. All models are available braked and unbraked, with different weight classes up to 1350 kg. The unbraked variant can also be equipped as a tipper variant. In short: an extensive range of possibilities, making it the ideal trailer for your next job!

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Classic wood groen net man
Classic wood tuinafval man
Classic wood in de bouw man
Discover our Classic Wood

The wooden classic

Curious about the features of our Classic Wood? Discover them below.


Why choose a trailer from Saris? That´s why:

Modular build

Our trailers are modular, making parts and wear parts easy to replace.

The best quality

Made of the best quality, fully supported by us. And that is why we offer 3 years full warranty on all our models!

Strict standards

All trailers are produced to strict, quality-oriented standards in accordance with ISO-9001, and they also come with all necessary European approvals.

Perfect balance

Our vision: by using smart constructions and lightweight materials we can offer you the best value for money. The result? Optimal balance for every SARIS trailer
Classic wood met zeil huis man
Classic wood man met quad
Classic wood hout klep

These extras complete your Classic Wood!

Classic wood Hoogrek

Classic Wood

High front rack
Classic wood Loofrek

Classic Wood

Tipping with shock absorbers (only unbraked)
Classic wood oprijklep

Classic Wood

Entry rail (only with tipping)
Classic wood reservewiel

Classic Wood

Spare tire
Classic wood huif

Classic Wood

Vinyl cover
Classic wood kippend met gasveren

Classic Wood

50 cm leaf rack with leaf rack net
Brochure Classic Wood | SARIS

More information on our Classic Wood?

We have summarized all relevant information about the Classic Wood in a handy brochure – download it here!

Download brochure​
Model Usable length Usable width Height side wall Tare weight Total weight
CW 205 113 750 1 205 cm 113 cm 30 cm 180 kg 750   kg
CW 205 113 1000 1 205 cm 113 cm 30 cm 223 kg 1000 kg
CW 205 133 750 1 205 cm 133 cm 30 cm 190 kg 750   kg
CW 205 133 1350 1 205 cm 133 cm 30 cm 245 kg 1350 kg
CW 255 133 750 1 255 cm 133 cm 30 cm 210 kg 750   kg
CW 255 133 1350 1 255 cm 133 cm 30 cm 265 kg 1350 kg
Classic Wood