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Trailers for the do-it-yourself enthusiast

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Always doing handyman jobs in and around your own or at your neighbor’s house? SARIS is at your service with a reliable trailer.

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SARIS for the do-it-yourself enthusiast

Trailers that perfectly fit you

Hey do-it-yourselfer! Are you looking for a trailer? We offer a wide range of affordable box trailers perfectly suited for all your do-it-yourself projects. Whether you’re transporting wood, furniture or other loads… Our trailers offer ultimate usability at an attractive price. Choose from our traditional Classic Wood, the lightweight and durable McAlu Comfort, the professional McAlu Pro, the versatile King or the secure cargo trailer. Each model is built to meet all your needs and jobs. You have a choice of single or tandem axles and box trailers or cargo trailers.

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The evident timeless choice for handymen

For example, choose our Classic Wood. The combination of fully welded steel frames and high quality wood provide a strong trailer with a sturdy appearance and long service life. This powerhouse is suited for both professional and private use. So definitely also for you as a do-it-yourselfer. It’s strong, reliable and stylish! Looking for the ideal protection for your valuable products? Then choose the cargo trailer. It is much more than just a box trailer. Its versatility of applications makes it a very sought-after trailer for the professional or the do-it-yourselfer. With this mobile workshop, you always have your tools within reach. And do you want to display your products in an appealing way? You can turn this box trailer into an attractive stall in no time.

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McAlu Comfort

Efficiency meets comfort

Our McAlu Comfort is one of a kind. This is mainly due to its lightweight and durable construction. The trailer is designed for the ultimate ease of use of the do-it-yourselfer or professional handyman. And thanks to the use of high quality aluminium, the McAlu Comfort is both sturdy and perfectly resistant to corrosion. And there’s more. This trailer is also easy to handle and pull. That’s what makes it ideal for everyday chores. Transporting garden waste, furniture or other goods? That’s no problem for the McAlu Comfort. The flat loading surface and convenient sidewalls make loading and unloading easier than ever.

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Flexible, sturdy and stable

Ready for action

And then we have our McAlu Pro. Distinguished by its professional and durable performance. This trailer is specifically designed for the serious do-it-yourselfer. Thanks to its sturdy construction and stability, it can handle larger loads effortlessly. The robust chassis and high-quality finish ensure that the McAlu Pro will last a long time and withstand the toughest conditions. Ideal for transporting construction materials, tools or other heavy loads. This trailer will get your job done. The king of box trailers That’s what the King is. The removable rear panel and durable non-slip floor make it easy to maintain its cleanliness. And because the trailer has a standard tipping mechanism, it is now even easier to unload. The perfect trailer for any home job or a camping trip. With our accessories, you can complete your King. That’s what we call versatile.

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Find the right trailer for your DIY job

We understand that your do-it-yourself projects deserve special attention. That’s why we proudly present our trailers that are a perfect fit for all your jobs. Are you working on woodworking, furniture transport or other loads? Our affordable box trailers make it extra easy for you, without burdening your wallet. View our selection of box trailers, made specifically for do-it-yourselfers like you:

  • Classic Wood: the classic choice for nostalgic woodworking jobs
  • McAlu Comfort: lightweight and durable, perfect for multifaceted projects
  • McAlu Pro: the professional in the series, ready for all your heavy-duty jobs
  • King: versatility in its best form, tailored to your needs
  • Cargo trailer: for extra safety and protection of your valuable cargo

Which trailer will be your choice?

All of our models are purpose-built to meet all of your handyman needs. With our wide selection, we have everything you need to keep your DIY adventures running smoothly and efficiently. Find out now which trailer best suits your project. Because you deserve only the very best. We’re at your service to deliver just that.