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Trailers for pavers

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As a paver, you need strong equipment as well as good tools. We offer trailers for even the toughest jobs!

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Largest load capacity in the market
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SARIS for the paver

A SARIS for every job

Efficiency is critical for you as a paver. The right equipment makes the difference between a smooth-running project and a time-consuming job.A trailer is an essential tool for this purpose. Our trailers for pavers are specifically designed to meet your needs. The range? Extremely extensive. This way you will always find the right trailer to suit your specific demands.

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Powerful trailers for pavers

Largest load capacity in the market

Our trailers are designed to meet the demands of the toughest and most intensive work. For you as a paver, this is essential to do your job well. With the largest load capacity in the market (up to 3.5 tonnes!), we offer the strength and sturdy design you need for all your projects. A great example is our Heavy Duty platform trailer. It is stronger by default as a result of the structure in the frame. This consists of 10 cross beams and 4 main beams. Thanks to its sturdy frame, the Heavy Duty platform trailer offers a wide range of applications for pavers. Its solid design and impressive carrying capacity allow it to transport different types of loads. From construction materials to raw materials and from construction machinery to other equipment. Also a nice bonus: the low loading floor and practical ball coupling make your job much lighter and easier.

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Our Machine-Transporters

Specifically designed for small machines

Our Machine-Transporters are the perfect choice for pavers who need to transport small machines (such as excavators). With these durable trailers, it becomes easy to transport all kinds of vehicles with ease. The rock-solid chassis can withstand all the challenges you face in your profession. Moreover, our Machine-Transporters are available in various sizes and weight classes. So you can always choose the perfect trailer for your specific transportation needs. Of course, it can also be used as a classic trailer thanks to its solid, welded steel walls. Especially in combination with the optional rear board!

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Flexibility, ease of use and many options

With our three-sided or rear tippers, we simplify the unloading of materials. With the electric tipping function, bulk materials are effortlessly unloaded. And loading bulk materials also becomes a breeze thanks to the spacious, flat loading floor and handy fold-down and removable side walls. We understand that efficiency is very important to you as a paver. Our tippers are designed to meet all your needs. So all your projects run smoothly and quickly. And it doesn’t stop there. Because we also offer the possibility of personalising your trailer. Add Black Edition to your trailer, for example. With the black rims and boards, you will create a stylish look. And do you want to simplify manoeuvring heavy loads? Then our Heavy Duty nose wheel is just the thing for you.

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The right trailer for your project

Our trailers for pavers are sturdy and intelligently designed. We use the highest quality materials and have a lot of in-house knowledge. This is based on our many years of experience and valuable feedback from professionals, users and dealers. As a result, we constantly keep improving and innovating to (continue to) meet your needs. In our extensive range, you will always find the perfect choice for your job. For you as a paver, for example, our Machine-Transporter, tipper trailer and platform and box trailers are a good option.

A variety of options

Choose a platform trailer up to 5 metres long to transport all your materials both quickly and easily. It is also possible to choose from various rear and three-sided tipper trailers. Suitable for any commercial vehicle – regardless of its towing weight. And do you prefer a more stylish look? Then our Black Edition is for you. Do you rather need a small trailer? Then SARIS is also the right place for you. We have a wide selection of both unbraked and braked trailers up to 750 kg. Whatever your job entails, with us you will always find the right trailer for your specific needs as a road builder!