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At SARIS, sustainability is central to both our products and our company as a whole. SARIS therefore continues to invest continuously in improving its sustainability. For example, SARIS has 1143 solar panels with which we can get our own electricity completely from the sun! Our office building is equipped with the latest ventilation techniques and up-to-date insulation, resulting in an A+++++ energy label!

Making the company

more sustainable

Both our offices and our production have been extensively renovated recently. Our production has recently been equipped with no fewer than 1,134 solar panels of 475 Watts each. As a result, we now generate enough clean energy of our own to be able to produce energy-neutrally and thus reduce our ecological footprint.

Our partner for generating our own green energy has shown how our production will be from now on.

Solar Crew



for a warm heart

In addition to this major investment in solar panels, the offices on our site have also been renovated. In addition to a modern look, a greener future has been thought about. The roof has been insulated, the ceilings have been renovated and a new state-of-the-art climate control system has been installed. Thanks to this climate control system, residual heat is reused as efficiently as possible, resulting in lower energy consumption.


Energy label

Due to all these adjustments within our company, SARIS has now received an A+++++ label. We are extremely proud of this and hope to be an example for other companies. Together we can make a positive impact worldwide.


SARIS trailers

Aluminium aanhanger | SARIS

McAlu Comfort

  • Excellent service
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 3 year full warranty
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  • Excellent service
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 3 year full warranty
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Aluminium aanhangwagen | SARIS

Box trailer

  • Excellent service
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • 3 year full warranty
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for the future

We produce our trailers in an increasingly sustainable manner, using materials that are strong and easy to recycle, such as aluminum, steel and wood. By taking a longer lifespan as a starting point in the development process of the trailers, we reduce the replacement rate of the trailer.

With our Heavy Duty product line we have a trailer series that will hold up even under the toughest conditions. We consider both the choice of materials and the lifespan of our products to provide you with a product for the future.